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During these challenging times of CV19 where we all have to adopt to new ways of balancing work / home life things can get on top of you?

I read a very interesting saying the other day which read “Is working from home not really living at work?” which raises the question… How are you coping , looking after yourself, especially families with young children.

Take a look at this link which I found on the BBC website that I think is good, well put together and brief enough that everyone can watch and get something out of.

It’s a series of short videos on time management, effectiveness, coping and stress reduction.

One tip, these are not new subjects and quite a few will seem familiar.

The odd psychological thing is that we tend to know a lot of this, but we forget, and choose to ignore or persuade ourselves that we’re applying it when it’s clear to others we are not.

Lorraine Lowe

Lorraine is a fully qualified and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with 35 years experience. She is also a a fully accredited member of The British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies. (BABCP). I am fully registered member of the General Social Care council.

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